A vehicle wrap is basically a big sticker. A big technologically advanced sticker. BrainBKT uses premium vinyl and materials for our vehicle wraps, printed with some of the newest printer technology available. Our printer prints full color graphics with near photographic quality, so if you can dream it we can print it. Once the big technologically advanced sticker is digitally full-color printed, we add a layer of protection to your image to ensure it lasts. When it comes to the windows of your vehicle we use a material known as window perf. Window perf allows the graphic to continue on the rear and back windows while allowing you to see out. Typically vehicle graphics and wraps will last 3-5 years, but if they are taken care of and garaged regularly they can last much longer.

Wraps can be a fantastic way to represent your brand to the world. When compared to other forms of advertising, vehicle wraps are extremely cost effective. A vehicle wrap could cost between $2000 and $5000 as a one time expense, and will begin working for you from the day it leaves our facility until the day you decide to remove it. Your vehicle wrap will work much like a billboard on wheels for your company, and will reach a similar amount of people daily depending on how often you’re on the road and where. However, the cost of a billboard for just one week worth of advertising will cover the cost of wrapping your vehicle that should easily last 3 years on the road! There are no renewal fees, no management fees, no annual fees of any sort, just a solid return on a one time investment. By wrapping your vehicle you are putting the full potential of your ride to work for you, even when it is parked!

When it comes to wraps and vehicle graphics there are lots of options. A full wrap is just as it sounds, applying a graphic to all or nearly all of the vehicle. While a partial wrap is a wrap that only focuses on a portion of the vehicle. A full wrap is very effective when vehicle color is an issue in contrast to the company logo or color scheme, as well as having the most visual impact. Partial wraps can be anything from a tailgate of a pickup truck, to the bed of a truck, to the lower half of a van, or just the hood of a car. Budget can be a large factor when it comes to choosing whether you want to go with a full wrap or a partial or simple graphics. No matter what your budget there is a graphic option available to help get your brand recognized.

BrainBKT Vehicle Wrap: Maintenance and Care

So you're thinking about a new custom vehicle wrap from BrainBKT!  Let us tell you how to best care for your wrap so that you can get the maximum impact and life out of it.  The more you care for your vehicle graphics the better it will look and the longer they will last.

Car Wash with Brush System

We advise to never use a car/truck wash with any brushed on your vehicle wrap.  Brushed may loosen the edges on your wrap which can lead to further damage.  The brushed can also hold dirt and particles that might dull or scratch the finish of your wrap.

Pressure Washing

We advise against pressure washing.  If you are inclined to do so, here are some helpful tips:  Pressure wash your vehicle from front to back, this is because of the way we lay the vinyl.  Keep the wand at an angle to the vehicle to avoid getting water underneath the pressure sensitive adhesive vinyl and avoid lessening its adhesion to the vehicle surface, causing the vinyl to lift, peel and/or curl.  NEver get closer than 20” with the wand and make sure you use 2,000 PSI pressure or less, water temperature at 180 Degrees F or less, with a 40” wide spray pattern and nozzle protector.

Do not pressure wash window perf, it will be destroyed.

Hand Wash

This is the preferred method of cleaning your vehicle wrap.  Use mild soap and water solution (no solvents) and a soft cloth, sponge, or brush.  Avoid scrubbing and make sure to rinse away dirt and particles with clean water.

Do not use cleaners with ammonia or bleach.


We highly recommend you wax your vehicle wrap at least once a year.  It will help to maintain the high shine and prolong the life of the graphics.  The best wax is liquid, which is easier to apply.  In most cases, the wax will take out some stains you may acquire on the wrap.

Do not wax window perf.

Snow Removal

Only use a soft brush, never use the scraper as this could damage the wrap.  If you wax the vinyl, the snow should come off easier.

Never scrape window perf.

Peeling of Lifting

If you ever see any part of your vehicle wrap lifting or peeling, you must contact us IMMEDIATELY so we can fix the problem.  If you leave such issues unattended, you will void the warranty on your wrap.

Never use wipers on window perf.


Most insurance companies offer a special policy to cover vehicle wraps.  Contact your insurance company for more information and details.

If you ever have any questions or concerns when it comes to the care and maintenance of your vehicle wrap please contact us.